Solo Exhibit & Reception - Boulder

Beauty and Grace Take the Stage at St. Julien Hotel & Spa’s Gallery

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My Lifelike Painted Sculptures Show Off the Power and Brilliance of Colorado Ballet Dancers

Seeing my dance art in person is like standing arm’s length from live performing ballerinas, sensing their superior artistry and athleticism. Experiencing my art inside the elegant St. Julien Hotel is an adventure not to be missed. 

I created these innovative sculptures by molding fabric over posed Colorado Ballet dancers as it quickly hardens. Later, I painted the sturdy, lightweight structures to dramatically enhance their illusion of energy and motion.

I love the spontaneous and collaborative process of my method, and creating with these exceptional dancers. The dancers also love participating in other arts. And as you can guess, professional ballerinas make excellent models. They understand direction, can strike and hold a pose, and add a bit of their own unique flair to the design.

The view from the gallery space, overlooking the Boulder flatirons

The view from the gallery space, overlooking the Boulder flatirons

St. Julien Hotel is the perfect setting to exhibit this dimensional figurative art. Boulder’s only 4-star hotel is nestled between foothills and historic downtown. The view from the outdoor gallery-side terrace is stunning. I’ve seen a permitted photo of Robin Williams having breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, Jill’s. Alec Baldwin has stayed as well as One Direction on tour. I know this because I entertained some tweens by driving them all over Denver as they followed misleading online postings, trying to get a glimpse or meet One D before the show. Afterward, they sadly saw FaceBook/Twitter photos of Niall Horan kissing girl fans in front of the St. Julien’s outside giant flower thing and Harry Styles bicycling around old town unnoticed.

The staff and service at St. Julien are also exceptionally professional, courteous and kind. Is it special training, hiring, management, or the Boulder environment that makes them all so attentive and receptive? Darren, the facilities guy, hangs four shows per year and knows where center is without measuring. Fortunately my art doesn’t weigh as much as it looks - no more than 10 lbs each.

I appreciate St. Julien’s support of local artists, and introducing their guests to superb art. All levels of staff have expressed their appreciation for being inspired by seeing original art each day at work. Please see for yourself and join us for the artist reception, Sunday, April 14, 2-4pm. In addition to dance, this show will also feature earlier works and prototypes.