Paralympians – USOPC Visitor Center

Formed From Triathlete Mohamed Lahna, 4X Gold Medalist

formed from Brandon Lyons, 1st time Olympic hopeful, on his HAND CYCLe

formed from Sophia Herzog, Silver Medalist, 2x world champ & record holder Breast stroke

Read the Team USA art project story Learn more on my blog

Colorado Ballet

Formed from posed Colorado Ballet dancers for exhibit at The Armstrong Center for Dance. 

One of my favorite projects is making art with Colorado Ballet dancers! Each art-forming session is like orchestrating a momentary performance – design, timing, technique, and teamwork all come into play. A portion of sales benefits Colorado Ballet dancers' career transition fund, Next Steps.


Motivated by Societal Dissonance

I like hearing opposing viewpoints so that I can understand what drives social disunion, and how we can overcome the fear and misunderstanding behind it. I also feel compelled to make and share art from ideas generated by these conversations. In turn, it's been fascinating to hear such a variety of responses to the individual works of art. As if we mostly see what we believe.

Facts About My Art

  • My sturdy, lightweight sculptures are formed with fabric that hardens quickly over live posed models.

  • Some sculptures are integrated onto artistically painted fabric or wooden canvases.

  • Full-figure sculptures only weigh about 10 lbs.

  • For most artworks you can exhibit them lying down on a floor pedestal or hung on a wall with a single picture hook

  • Their appearance transforms with changes in natural or projected light.

  • Much of the art on this site is available for purchase or lease. I also enjoy working on custom projects. Contact me to learn more.

Care and Maintenance

My painted sculptures are surprisingly light and sturdy and can be installed with a single picture hook. Each sculpture is primed with gesso, then painted with high-quality, lightfast acrylics. They are backed with a protective board and are wired for hanging. 

Depending upon the interior environment, you may wish to dust them every few years using a soft hardware or artist paint brush.

These sculptures are fascinating to observe as natural light changes in a room. You may also wish to install variable lighting over and around your piece.